The "Exploration of Metabolism" platform is a scientific and technological infrastructure which aims to make available to the public and private scientific community the concepts, methods and tools dedicated to the study of metabolism. As a partner in research projects, PFEM has expertise in the fields of nutrition, health, environment and food quality.

The PFEM is organized in two components:

  • Metabolomics facility, part of the Human Nutrition Research Unit (UMR1019 INRAE UCA) and of the Chemistry Institute of Clermont-Ferrand (UMR6296 CNRS UCA)
  • Proteomics facility, part of the Animal Product Quality Research Unit (UR0370 INRAE)

The PFEM has been certified by GIS IBiSA since 2010 and is certified according to ISO 9001 and NFX 50-900 standards. The PFEM metabolomic component is integrated in the National Infrastructure of metabolomic and fluxomic MetaboHUB with Bordeaux, Toulouse, Paris-Saclay and Rennes-Nantes platforms.