The platform is a federative infrastructure linking two institutions: the INRAE ​​and the University of Clermont Auvergne (UCA) located on two sites: the INRAE ​​center in Theix and the Cézeaux campus (Aubière). It constitutes a scientific and technological infrastructure specialized in metabolomics, with additional analytical capacities in proteomics. A local steering committee ensures the PFEM's operational management. An international scientific committee (for metabolomics, as part of MetaboHUB), a national scientific committee (for proteomics) and the 4 INRAE's research divisions in relation to the scientific policies of regional units and INRAE centre, as well as of UCA, supervise the PFEM's global strategy.

The platform brings together 19.7 Full Time Equivalent (FTE) of permanent staff:

  • Management: 3 FTE
  • Metabolomics:
    • 7.3 FTE dedicated to data production (analytical chemistry)
    • 6 FTE for data management and processing (statistics, informatics and bioinformatics)
  • Proteomics: 3.2 FTE