The PFEM is a scientific and technological infrastructure which aims to provide the public and private scientific community with the concepts, methods and tools devoted to the study of metabolism by offering complementary levels of investigation:

Its expertise concerns:

  • Untargeted metabolomics: determination of metabolic profiles and identification of biomarkers in biofluids and tissues.
  • Quantification of small molecules present in the different organism compartments.
  • Fluxomics: measurements of isotopic enrichments for the calculation of metabolic rates.
  • Proteomics: identification, characterization and "label free" quantification of proteins and peptides. Targeted proteomics. Imaging.

The goal of the platform is to offer to research teams a range of approaches dedicated to the study of metabolism using global analysis technologies based on mass spectrometry and NMR, as well as appropriate analyses of the produced data from extraction, statistics to data mining of the metabolic networks. 

In addition, the platform contributes to the technical training (academic and continuous) of its users.