Contact infos

  • melanie.petera{at}inrae{dot}fr
  • phone: +33(0)4 73 62 47 89

Involved in routine analyses as data analyst and/or data treatment supervisor. Workflow developer for internal data analysis procedures. Participation to Workflow4Metabolomics as a core team member. 


  • Data processing and statistical analysis of untargeted MS analyses
  • Development and maintenance of in-house data processing workflows
  • Training and guidance

Main publications

  • Giacomoni, F., Le Corguille, G., Monsoor, M., Landi, M., Pericard, P., Pétéra, M., ... & Caron, C. (2015). Workflow4Metabolomics: a collaborative research infrastructure for computational metabolomics. Bioinformatics, 31(9), 1493-1495.
  • Comte, B., Monnerie, S., Brandolini-Bunlon, M., Canlet, C., Castelli, F., Chu-Van, E., ... & Pujos-Guillot, E. (2021). Multiplatform metabolomics for an integrative exploration of metabolic syndrome in older men. EBioMedicine69, 103440.
  • Pujos-Guillot, E., Pétéra, M., Jacquemin, J., Centeno, D., Lyan, B., Montoliu, I., ... & Comte, B. (2019). Identification of pre-frailty sub-phenotypes in elderly using metabolomics. Frontiers in physiology9, 1903.